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Eclipse shades for the transit of Venus

Huge sun spots, the unique transit of Venus on June 6, 2012 and several other phenomena can best be viewed with eclipse shades. They make it simple, safe and pleasant to look directly on the Sun. Special solar telescopes enable a whole group to watch events at the same time.


Equipped with the special eclipse shades it is safe and easy to experience major celestial events like the transit of Venus.
Photo: Mac & Alt AS


Eclipse shades can be ordered by sending an email to with your name, address and the number of shades you want. For export we offer:

  • 5 eclipse shades, NOK 145,- incl. freight.
  • 10 eclipse shades, NOK 259,- incl. freight.
  • 30 eclipse shades, NOK 599,- incl. freight.
  • 150 eclipse shades, NOK 2950,- incl. freight.
  • For other/large quanta please contact us at


The eclipse shades are wrapped in plastic and contain a card listing the upcoming celestial events.

There is also produced a special information brochure (32 pages) about the celestial events. This is in Norwegian only. More information in Norwegian

A DVD describes the events and show how a total lunar eclipse will look from the Moon, how the transit of Venus will be, how it would look like from the surface of the Sun and much more. In Norwegian, but the animations are highly self-explanatory. More information

Vårt magiske univers: Norwegian movie about space

Magnificent images, movies accompanied by majestic music.

Extensive Norwegian DVD about space and eclipses.

Separate tracks about the eclipses in Norway in 1954, Turkey in 2006, the Arctic in 2008 and China in 2009.

Astronomiske nyheter

Oppdagelser i rommet og kommende astronomiske hendelser

Våre nettsteder inneholder astronomiske nyheter og er en ressurs for bidler, filmer, animasjoner, linker og astronomiske fakta. Nettstedet fokuserer spesielt på oppdagelser og dramatiske begivenheter. handler om den store totale solformørkelsen på Svalbard og Nordpolen 20. mars 2015. er et nettsted for astronomiske produkter: Bøker, norske DVD-er, astroparaplyer, enkelt observasjonsutstyr og steinbiter fra Månen og Mars m.m.



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