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Major celestial events in Norway 2010-2015

From Dec. 21, 2010 until March 20, 2015 several beautiful, rare and spectacular celestial events will take place in Norway. Among these there will be a transit of Venus and a total solar eclipse. This web site gives updated information about the events.


Spectacular and historic Venus transit

A total solar eclipse. The impressive corona is shining with its strange, silvery light. In the middle we find the Moon. A similar phenomenon will take place on Spitsbergen March 20, 2015.
Photo: NASA

Eclipse shades and solar telescope for the events
In order to enjoy the solar eclipses and the transit of Venus in a safe way eclipse shades are essential. Special solar telescopes enable large groups of people to enjoy the events.
On June 6, 2012 and March 20, 2015 two events of international and historic proportions will take place in Norway!
March 20, 2015: Total solar eclipse on Spitsbergen!
On March 20, 2015 the Sun will be totally eclipsed on Spitsbergen. On the mainland a very substantial partial eclipse will occur. The zone of totality crosses directly over Longyearbyen. On the North Pole the Sun will be totally obscured from view as it reappears after 6 Months of winter! This will be a truly exceptionally beautiful, impressive and rare event – one of the rarest celestial events in human history!
Press releases regarding the events taking place in Norway 2010-2015
Northern lights and meteors introduce a spectacular celestial season (in Norwegian)
As the nights in Norway become dark again after the summer we enter a period of exciting celestial events. Just before Christmas we will enjoy a total lunar eclipse and two weeks later a major solar eclipse.
June 6, 2012: Transit of Venus
In the early hours of June 2012 we will experience the last transit of Venus that any human living on the Earth today can expect to see. After this one, the next transit of Venus will take place in December 2117. This is among the rarest and most important of all celestial events.
May 21, 2012: Small midnight sun eclipse in Northern Norway
During the night between May 20 and May 21, 2012 a small eclipse of the midnight sun will occur. It will be visible from Northern Norway and Spitsbergen. This will be the second midnight sun eclipse in Norway in one year.
Dec. 10, 2011: Total lunar eclipse
In the afternoon of Saturday, December 10, a total lunar eclipse will be visible from Norway. The rather unusual circumstances will create a magnificent event that lots of people can enjoy. This will be the third total lunar eclipse to take place in Norway in less than one year, but the next one will not be until 2015.
June 15, 2011: Long-lasting total lunar eclipse
Only two weeks after the solar eclipse an exceptionally long-lasting total lunar eclipse occurs. The eclipse is total for 1 hour 40 minutes, but can only be viewed from the southern half of Norway. Parts of the eclipse is not visible from Norway.
June 1, 2011: Midnight sun eclipse
Late in the evening of June 1, 2011 up to 60 % of the Sun will be hidden by the Moon. The eclipse takes place around midnight local time (daylight saving time) and can be viewed from the Norwegian counties of Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms, Finnmark as well as Spitsbergen. Northern Norway and Spitsbergen will enjoy the best view. This will be the first midnight sun eclipse in Norway since 2000. Images from the webcast of this eclipse
January 4, 2011: Big and spectacular solar eclipse.
On January 4, 2011, the Moon will hide most of the Sun, causing a large solar eclipse. Around 09.35 local time 85 % of the Sun is covered by the Moon, while hanging low above the horizon. The eclipse will be visible from Southern Norway and parts of Nordland. This is expected to become an unusually beautiful and impressive eclipse in Norway.


Dec. 21, 2010: Total lunar eclipse (in Norwegian)
The long-lasting period of extraordinary celestial events in Norway begins with a total lunar eclipse on the darkest day of the year. The eclipse is visible from Northern Norway and partially visible from Southern Norway.
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Eclipse shades for the events

It is important to get eclipse shades for the unique transit of Venus of June 6, 2012. If you miss this one, you will not have any other opportunity! More information about eclipse shades and solar telescope

Vårt magiske univers: Norwegian movie about space

Magnificent images, movies accompanied by majestic music.

Extensive Norwegian DVD about space and eclipses.

Separate tracks about the eclipses in Norway in 1954, Turkey in 2006, the Arctic in 2008 and China in 2009.

DVD describing the celestial events (in Norwegian, but highly self-explanatory) 2010-2015

The film describes what will happen, why and what it will look like from different locations in Norway, on the Moon and from the Sun. More information (in Norwegian)

Web sites News from space in Norwegian describes the spectacular total solar eclipse taking place on Svalbard and the North Pole on March 20, 2015.



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